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What Should You Do After a Motor Vehicle Accident?

What Should You Do After a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Be sure to follow these steps after an auto accident:

1. Stop – Never drive away from the scene of a motor vehicle accident. Doing so could result in other charges.

2. Call 911 - Report an accident and immediately request emergency services such as an ambulance if necessary.

3. Safety - If you're not injured, protect the scene of the accident by using your flashers or with flares if possible. If possible move your vehicle to a safe place off the side of the road. Do not stand in front of your car and do not stand with your back to traffic.

4. Police - Insist that an accident report is made when law enforcement arrive. Be sure to get the accident report case number from the officer. Cooperate with the police but do not make admissions or give opinions. If there are any witnesses on your behalf, get their names, addresses, and telephone numbers and ask them to give statements to the officer.

5. Identification - Get the names and addresses of all other drivers and registered owners of all other vehicles involved in the accident. Also get the license plate numbers, vehicle identification numbers (VINs), and state of registration for all other vehicles involved in the accident.

6. Take notes/pictures - If police are called, the investigating police officer obtains information of all parties involved. However, if the police do not respond to the accident, you should obtain the name, address and telephone number of all persons involved in the accident, drivers and passengers alike. You should also obtain information about insurance by asking to see the insurance card for all vehicles involved in the accident. Write down all of the facts leading up to the accident. Also, make sure to take pictures of the vehicles involved as well as any injuries sustained.

7. Seek Medical Attention- It is imperative that you report your injuries to a doctor as soon as possible after the accident. Often, injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents are not immediately apparent. Most of our clients report feeling the most pain a day or two following an automobile accident. Unless you are absolutely certain you were not injured, you should seek medical attention at your local emergency room or by seeing your family physician or local urgent care.

8. Protect You Rights - One of the most important things you should do after an accident is to consult your attorney. Your attorney can protect your rights and guide you through this unfortunate time. Often, insurance companies want to take statements immediately after an accident. It is important that you have received legal advice prior to providing such a statement.

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