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When a property owner allows a guest or a visitor to step onto their property, they are automatically in charge of taking care of that person, namely preventing an injury from happening. Property owners should regularly keep up with the maintenance of their property. Otherwise, they may be liable for any injuries that occur.

Melman Law Group is a team of committed, experienced, and trust worthy premises liability lawyers. We fight for our clients through any complex legal battle to ensure that their rights are protected.

What is Premises Liability?

A premises liability lawsuit holds a property owner responsible for any damages arising out of an injury on that person or entity's property. In all states, owners that occupy a property must make a reasonable effort to maintain a safe environment for visitors to it. Failure to keep the property safe for visitors results in "premises liability."


Common situations that may give rise to premises liability lawsuits are:

  • Animal and Dog Bites

  • Slip and Fall Accidents

  • Dangerous Property

  • Negligent or Inadequate Security

  • Swimming Pool Injury

  • Inadequate Maintenance

  • Children on Property

  • Retail Store Liability

  • Restaurant Liability

Roswell Premises Liability Lawyers

Melman Law Group has experienced attorneys dedicated to using our legal services to fight for victims of premise liability accidents. We provide high-quality legal representation to every one of our clients. Every client is treated with personal attention and compassion. We help our clients receive proper compensation for their unfortunate circumstance. After all, insurance companies tend to seek to minimize compensation. What can seem like a fair settlement might fail to cover long-term medical costs, lost wages from missed work due to the accident, or delayed injuries or damages that weren’t accounted for in the original settlement amount. We’re experts at navigating the often confusing and uncertain legal and insurance process.

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